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Sell easier, more and faster at a lower cost

Your field service in top form

Your new collection online anytime, anywhere, directing consumers to the nearest point of sale, placing orders for representatives and retailers. These are just a few examples of what FASHION APPS can do for you


With Orders, your field staff is fully equipped to achieve optimal performance. Making quotations, pre-orders and writing direct orders from current stock is available 24/7. All orders are processed directly in your ERP system and the customer automatically receives a confirmation. Errors excluded. The office staff is going to get a lot calmer.

Orders means:

  • more sales at lower costs.

  • can be integrated into any ERP system.

  • optimally informed representatives.

  • extensive functionality such as price lists, assortments and more.

  • easy switching with multiple brands (agencies).

  • custom order confirmation

  • connection with multiple ERP systems (XLEnz, Navision, Exact etc.)

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Flexible dashboard with photo or results and targets

Flexible lookbook based on different levels. Season or brand are examples.

Lookbook subcategories

Subcategories within a season or brand


Graphical insight into where your customers are located.

Order processing

Entry of all possible order types and quotations. Create a direct order based on available stock, quotations for pre-orders and promote already made quotations to pre-orders. Order confirmations and quotes are sent automatically with images. Orders and quotations can be automatically read into your order and quotation system.

Entry based on model

Input based on multi-color model selection or SKU scanning

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Sending the order

From the delivery (Excel sheet / ERP) the e-mail address of the customer is filled in, the customer puts his signature and the order is sent for further processing.

Search and scan items

Search for items based on description, brand, color. You can also immediately filter all variants with a connected scanner based on a SKU and start entering numbers!

Input based on model / color

Input based on model / color selection. With direct order, the available stock is visible in addition to the price.

Order confirmation

After sending the order, a confirmation is automatically sent to the customer, the representative and the office staff. The confirmation is flexible, your own logo and address are displayed. Your conditions can also be included as an attachment!


Curious about the possibilities?

Contact us for a demo!



Show collection and order online!

With our standardized solution you will have your collection online based on an Excel sheet within a few days!

You offer your customers the opportunity to show and order the collection without direct contact!

Of course we can also link the B2B directly to your ERP so that the orders come directly into your system.


Login based on username, customer number or email address.


Lookbook per season / brand / product group or an item for announcing new products and / or sale.

Ordering and stock information

Stock information, additional images, product information, specifications, downloads, videos. The colored boxes indicate the stock status and in the boxes the order can be added directly to the shopping cart.

Search functionality

Extensive search functionality such as brand, product group, subgroup, color, size, quality, sale, new, price range.

Announcement Sale / New products

Items can be used as a Lookbook or News. You can link directly from the products to the order page!

Customer information

Optional customer information with an overview, age analysis, order history, outstanding orders and invoice overview. You can also prevent customers from buying and / or paying via iDeal if the credit limit is exceeded.

Order processing

The B2B shop gives your retailer the opportunity to place orders 24/7 based on available stock. This way your retailer can sell the desired product to the consumer on Saturday!

Stock Photo - Stock Photo - Stock Photos

Orders are processed directly in your ERP system and so no-sales are reduced to a minimum

Information online

With the B2B info module, your retailer has 24/7 insight into relevant information. You can determine which information you want to share within a range of options.

As standard, the B2B info module provides insight into open items, backorders, order history. Optionally, you can offer retailers the option of paying outstanding items online via ideal or credit card.


Affordable solutions and maximum support!

Effashioncy has been providing affordable solutions for the fashion, sports and shoe industry since 2007.

Your representatives can record quotations, pre-orders and direct orders based on available stock orders 24/7.

In addition, with our standardized B2B portal we provide a perfect solution to relieve your office staff. The retailer can place orders via B2B and request relevant information!


Our helpdesk is unique, which is available via Whatsapp on weekdays from 8am to 9pm

and on Saturday from 9am to 5pm!


Get in touch with us!

Tel: +31 (36) - 5405555


Bedankt! Wij zullen zo spoedig mogelijk contact opnemen!

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